Frequently Asked Questions

Please check "Frequently Asked Questions" before contacting us.

  • For inquiries about starting a business, please contact the 'Hokkaido SME Support Center Hokkaido Comprehensive Support Base' with which we are in collaboration.

  • Please visit the 'Event List Page' on our site.

  • A recommendation from specific endorsing agencies or organizations is required, and only companies that pass the subsequent review will be certified. Please contact us for more details.

  • Please contact the organizing entity directly through the contact information provided at the bottom of each event page. However, for events hosted by STARTUP HOKKAIDO, please use the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

  • Please let us know about your company/organization and your detailed requests via the inquiry form.

  • Please check out "Hokkaido Startup Data" for information on startups based in Hokkaido and information for those who are aiming to start a startup.



STARTUP Consulting

For startup consultations, please apply through the "Startup Consultation" page.

Both are eligible:
  • Those who plan on establishing a startup
  • Those who have established a startup
About Startup Consultations